When most people think of plastic surgery, they often associate it with cosmetic procedures. This is understandable – many patients who undergo plastic surgeries are doing so because they want to change the appearance of a certain area on their body that bothers them. However, there is a difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are not always done for medical reasons; instead, cosmetic surgeries can be performed solely to improve someone’s looks or simply make them feel better about themselves.

Since most cosmetic procedures are performed on the face or breasts (i.e., areas that are visible to others), they tend to be more popular with patients who want to enhance their appearance for social reasons rather than functional ones – but this is not always the case. And while some people may feel self-conscious about scars from previous operations or injuries, many of these can actually be camouflaged through makeup or clothing – however, this does require extensive experience and expertise which you should look for in your surgeon!

In this article, we will explore the differences and similarities of these two types of surgical procedures as well as what you should consider if you’re looking into either type!

What are Cosmetic Procedures?

Cosmetic procedures are designed to change the way someone looks without any medical necessity. Examples of cosmetic procedures include facelifts, brow lifts, and breast implantation. Cosmetic surgery can also be performed on other parts of the body such as arms or buttocks to improve their appearance.

What are Plastic Surgery Procedures?

By contrast, plastic surgeries actually have an underlying purpose for improving one’s health rather than just aesthetics. Some examples of plastic surgery procedures include breast reduction/lift, rhinoplasty (nose job), otoplasty (pin back ears), and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Of course, there are many more types – some that you may not even think would fall under this category! For: cleft palate repairs, breast reconstruction, and scoliosis treatment.

The Difference Between Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery Procedures

The biggest difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery is that plastic surgeries can be used to help improve one’s health while there is no medical necessity for cosmetic procedures; these types of procedures are done solely to make someone look better or feel more confident in their skin. The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is fairly simple: the reason they are done. Cosmetic surgeries are sometimes not performed for medical reasons, but instead solely to improve someone’s looks or self-esteem. Plastic surgeries, on the other hand, have a more specific purpose – these procedures are typically meant to reconstruct body parts that have been damaged by injury or disease to restore function. Cosmetic surgeons often advertise themselves as such, but not all plastic surgeons will publicize their work as simply just purely aesthetic enhancements – many perform both! In fact, it’s very common for a patient who undergoes an elective procedure under the care of a plastic surgeon to also have another medically necessary operation performed at the same time (like breast reduction/breast lift). The general rule: if your doctor identifies your procedure as having a medical necessity, it’s plastic surgery.

One of the main differences between cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery is why they’re being done – either purely for aesthetic purposes or because there’s a medical need behind it. Most people think about cosmetic surgeries when they hear “plastic” surgery since these types of enhancements tend to have no health benefits at all besides improving someone’s vanity. On the other hand, most plastic surgeons perform various reconstructive procedures on patients who have physical deformities, injuries, or other health issues that affect their body’s appearance.

Some common plastic surgery procedures include breast reconstruction after mastectomy (breast removal), facelifts, liposuction, etc. Common cosmetic procedures might be lower body lift, tummy tucks, nose jobs, facelifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentation Calgary, etc.

The Similarities Between Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery Procedures

In plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries all have one thing in common: they require extensive training to perfect! In fact, many patients seek out both types simultaneously because they’re looking for personal improvement while also seeking medical solutions to their bodily problems. Plastic surgeons undergo at least eight years of intensive education which includes not just general medicine but very specific learning about cosmetic treatments as well. Cosmetic surgeons may only go through four years worth of school before specializing further in either cosmetics or reconstructions – so there can be quite a difference between the two!

They are similar because both require training, although plastic surgery also requires extensive experience in the medical field. Cosmetic surgeons are doctors who have completed at least four years of university education before specializing further in cosmetic procedures or reconstructive surgeries. Plastic surgeons go through eight to ten years worth of intense schooling with a lot more focus on reconstructions than cosmetics because that is their main goal – fixing something that needs repair instead of just improving someone’s looks!

Most people don’t realize how closely related cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery really are; they’re actually quite similar since most patients seek out both simultaneously when looking for self-improvement while having some sort of bodily issue repaired as well. The only difference between them is why each type has been done – either purely aesthetic enhancements vs necessary reconstructive procedures.

Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Procedures: Which is Right for You?

While cosmetic procedures can be great if you want to improve your looks without any medical need behind them, plastic surgeries are generally performed on patients who could benefit from reconstructing a damaged area of the body to function better and feel more comfortable with themselves. Plastic surgery procedures vary greatly by patient depending on the type of issue they’re having – some people might choose breast reconstruction after mastectomy while others may opt for an eyelid lift. Your personal needs will determine which procedure(s) you get! If there’s no specific reason why you would either cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery be done, you should consult with your doctor to determine if there’s any medical reason why you need either type of procedure done, or if you’re just looking for self-improvement.

Plastic Surgery Procedures vs Cosmetic Procedures – What Should You Consider?

If you’re considering either type of procedure it’s important to discuss your options with a qualified surgeon who is experienced in the specific procedure you’re interested in. Many plastic surgeons perform cosmetic procedures, while some specialize exclusively in them.

Likewise, not all cosmetic surgeons also do plastic surgeries––therefore it’s important to find one who specializes in what you want to be done or has extensive experience performing this type of surgery on patients similar to yourself. Your doctor will be able to help guide you through any questions and concerns about both types of procedures so don’t hesitate to ask!


In summary, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are both types of surgeries that alter a person’s body for non-medical reasons – but they can be used as medical therapies as well! Cosmetic surgeons tend to perform procedures on parts of the body that will make them look better while plastic surgeons focus more on functional problems like breathing or chewing (i.e., airway obstructions). There is no doubt that most people who undergo these procedures do so because they want an improvement in their quality of life – whether it involves correcting physical imperfections or using enhancements to create the perfect appearance. But either way, you go about it, if your procedure falls under one category of cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery, you can rest assured that your surgeon will be well-trained and experienced in the area of specialty, may it be cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery Calgary!